Growth Track & Membership 成員軌道&會員

Fill out this form after completing a Growth Track class.


Growth Track 成長軌道

Are You Ready to Become a Member? 你是否準備好成為會員?

Membership at Faith Family is not about adding your name to a roster; it’s about connecting with the people and the vision of the church. We would love for you to be a part.
家信教會的成員不是著重於將名字加入名冊; 而是在於人與人之間和教會的理念的聯繫。 我們希望您能成為其中的一員。


I have committed my life to Jesus Christ, and I trust Him for my salvation.

I commit to the Faith Family Church Membership Covenant. (p. 26 of the Growth Track book)
我委身於家信教會會員的守則。 (參閱成長軌道第26頁)

I support the Faith Family Church Statement of Faith. (p. 72 of the Growth Track Book)
我支持家信教會的信仰聲明。 (參閱成長軌道第72頁)

In order to join a Dream Team and host a Small Group, you must complete the Growth Track and become a member of Faith Family Church.